Advanced and Defensive Driver Training


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The team will provide you with driving skills and techniques to deal with the unexpected, allowing you to know your

vehicle’s limits and explore your own driving abilities. There’s no better way to have the ability to deal with unexpected and life-threatening situations.

So join us for a fun-filled learning day on our skid pan at the Toyota Track in Eston 

(40min from Durban, 20 min from PMB).

All participants use their own personal vehicle on the skid pan. The skid pan surface is epoxied so there is no damage or wear and tear on the tyre’s nor vehicles. We want you to completely understand your personal vehicles specific dynamics from a loss of control perspective!

  • Advanced and Defensive Driving lecture
  • Skid Pan Racing
  • Braking Techniques
  • Emergency Lane Change (Left and Right)The correction of over and under steer
  • Gymkhana on Skid Pan (Let’s see our driver of the day)
  • Awarding of Advanced and Defensive Driving certificate


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