1-on-1 Driver training

Join us for one of our Advanced one-on-one 4×4 driver training sessions.


One-on-One 4x4 Driver training




8 hours



Group Size

1 car

About The Training

If you want to gain vital experience to make sure you are ready and prepared for your next Overland trip across Southern Africa, then this course is for you.
The obstacles are a lot more difficult but safe to be driven if you stay on line. If you stray off line, there is a good chance you will either get stuck or have a few war wounds.
We will cover the following in the extreme terrain:
  • How to use Downhill Assist Control/Crawl and or the Reverse Stall Exercise.
  • Use of Traction Control
  • Use of Diff-Lock
  • Cross Axle Holes
  • Steep Gradients
  • Water Crossing’s
  • Side Slopes
  • Safe Recovery practices 
You will get to experience your vehicles first hand as you push their off road performance to the max in a safe and controlled environment.
7:45 am – Meet at the Clifton Canyon 4×4 Track (NU Driving Range, Hillcrest)
8:00 am – Training starts
Please just bring any refreshments/snacks you require for the day in your vehicle.

Track Location

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GALLERY FROM THE 1-on-1 Driver Training

Mount Rinjani - NTB

Mount Rinjani - NTB

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Mount Agung, Bali

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Mount Jayawijaya, Papua

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